My Palm Reading


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So, I had the pleasure of having my palm read the other day. I have always wanted to have this done and when my friend Alicia Meek reached out to me to do a palm reading, I couldn’t resist.

Alicia has an Instagram profile called Wild Moon Sacred Cycles. She focuses on sacred cycle planners, moon guides, palmistry, and oracle cards. She is a very free-spirited and intelligent woman with a gift.

IMG-6265Not to mention a beauty!


Her instagram is @wildmoonsacredcycles.

Now for the palm reading.

Alicia told me that the lines on my palm will change throughout my life. She gave me a short reading based off pictures I sent to her via email.

She talked about the fact that my parents were very involved in trying to form a life for me that was best. That she sees me trying to break away and creating a personality for myself.

This was an accurate statement because my parents have worked their hardest for me to live my best life. They got divorced when I was young and since then have been making sure I live my best life despite the trials and tribulations. I have worked extremely hard to create an independent personality outside of my family and my parents and have worked to create independence for myself.

She said that my palm indicated that I have a lot of diversity and have changed my core values and beliefs. This could have already happened, or is yet to come.

“These lives you have, or will have, created for yourself have brought you to a crossroads, two options or which direction to take, this shows in your Heart and Life line, and your Fate line shows that you have not yet made a decision of which way to go, you have not yet commit to either future. Your Fate line shows you have a vague idea of what and where you future is headed between 20 and 30 years old, though it drops completely after that. ”

I had to agree with this portion of my reading because I often find myself debating between my heart and my head. I am only 21 years old so saying that I have a vague idea of my future is headed is accurate. I have a future in nursing for the years between 20-30 and years to come. The dropping of my line scares me a little because I am not sure what it means.

The reading of my shadow line really touched me. She says that I have a presence with me in a good way. A passed love one who stays with me and watches me or a spirit guide sending me warnings. I am very spiritual so hearing this was a good feeling for me. I was extremely close with my Nana when I was younger and she died when I was very young. She was my best friend and hearing that she may be with me is a good feeling. I also have extremely good intuition. Hearing about my shadow line makes me wonder if my intuition and ability to recognize when bad things are about to happen may be my spiritual presence.

My major lines showed heartbreak before 20 years old, a death, fighting within the family unit, or a romantic entanglement. I would consider my major heartbreak to have occurred between 18 – 20 years old. Both in family, and in romantic relationship, so this was accurate. She said she sees a large derailment (where my core beliefs and values change) of my life before 33 which makes me extremely nervous, but I could also say this could have already happened.

I have a long and “beautiful” heart line. A great capacity for love and affection.

“You love children, animals and your family. You may think that is everyone, but it is not. You are a good natured person, easily likable when you are in the right mood. You are an emotional being, you can be compulsive when you feel pushed into a corner. I imagine this coming up with your family. ”

I agreed with this part of my reading immensely. I have an extremely big heart for children, animals, and my family and friends. I try to be a good natured person and I think that I am likable, but it is definitely dependent on my mood. I am an insanely emotional being and make impulsive decisions when in a cornering situation.

As for the critiquing of my reading, I think it was pretty accurate. If you are interested in a palm reading from Alicia you can visit her website and get one!

If you guys like this kind of content, let me know!



“Moon dust in your lungs, stars in your eyes, you are a child of the cosmos, a ruler of the skies”



E8DE1D18-A1D7-44D9-90E9-99D8F560D88C.JPGI have started on a journey that many of you will find “weird”, “strange”, and just downright untrue. Honestly, when I bring up crystals to my friends I get kind of embarrassed and shy about it. Although some people think that crystals have no power and that its all in your head, even if it is it has been helping me. I started my crystal journey at an art show over the summer. I came across this little stand with a plethora of crystals. I felt drawn to it. The shop was called Her Sanctuary  and is a local shop ran by two amazing women, a mother and a daughter. I was immediately drawn to 4 different crystals and it truly felt like the energy was pulling me in. I decided on amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, and selenite. Aside from crystals they had beautiful pieces of jewelry highlighting women and personal strength.

I had heard about the power of crystals through one of my friends and was automatically a skeptic. When my anxiety started to get bad and I didn’t know where else to turn to, I decided why not? Since I made that decision I truly think it has made a difference in my life. I had to do a lot of research to find out why crystals work and how to properly use them. I came across this video that educated me beyond belief. Spirit Science : The Crystal Movie . I learned that crystals are high energy because of the amount of heat and pressure that they are under while in the Earth. It made sense to me in that way because of all of the energy it takes to constantly keep heat and pressure in the earths core. If you have any interest in crystals I highly recommend watching the Youtube video I linked above.

I have been doing yoga with my crystals, placing them on each edge of my mat and then holding them during my 10 minute Savasana. Since meditating with my crystals I feel clearer and filled with more intention during my practice.

Before watching the video, I wasn’t aware that you are supposed to cleanse and energize your crystals. Two days ago I cleansed my crystals by filling a glass bowl half with water and half with salt for 24 hours. After the 24 hours were up, I took the crystals out and ran them under cool water. Once you dump the water out you are supposed to get rid of the bowl. This process brings out all of the negative energy in the crystals and puts it into the glass bowl / water. After you cleanse, you are supposed to energize them. Currently, I am leaving my crystals in the sunlight for a day on a spot near my window. You can use moonlight or sunlight. After you energize them, you set your intentions for your crystals. Meditate and visualize what you want out of your crystals and do this away from phones, computers, etc. I have not yet set my intentions into my crystals, but I will do that once they are done being energized.

Heres a little more information about the 4 crystals I chose:



Selenite is used to remove energy blocks from the body. It is also used to charge and cleanse other crystals. People can charge their crystals on a selenite slab each night. It is said that if you place the selenite on a part of your body that is hurting for 20 minutes it can actually relieve your pain.


C08FA1B9-2B9B-4D50-BA64-98C92974C4E0.JPGAside from Amethyst being my birthstone, I have always been drawn to it. The color in this stone amazes me and the texture and shape. Amethyst is used to clear negative thoughts and reduce stress and anxiety. To meditate with this stone use soft lighting and hold the stone in the palm of your hand. Deep breathe and visualize what you want in your life and then cleanse the stone afterwards.

Rose Quartz

11677672-40D9-4038-A654-D7BABE4B89FD.JPGI was skeptical about crystals until I felt the energy draw me to this one. I never knew how much I needed this little guy in my life. Rose Quartz is a crystal involved with love, forgiveness, and understanding. Since having this stone I have began to find self love and forgiveness in myself and other people. To use this crystal with intention hold it and say the phrase “I will accept the light of love, I will beam the light of love”.


9C575B26-F908-439C-ADE7-952ABE3DE4C1.JPGCitrine is used in positivity, joy, mental clarity, generating ideas, raising energy, and establishing goals.

If you guys are interested in my crystal journey let me know below! I would love to keep making posts as I learn more and continue on.




Room Tour 2018

Lately, I’ve been experiencing more anxiety than usual, so keeping my room clean and organized has been a major benefactor for me. This is the first year living on my own and paying my own rent with my 5 other roommates and so far, it has been an extreme change. Living on my own has given me the opportunity to be more independent as well as change up my style as I like. I went with a more simplistic style for my room, and I couldn’t be any happier. I’ll link or mention where I got most items. I expect to continue to switch up my room and decor as the seasons change!

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when you first walk into my room, my yoga mat greets you. My carpet has multiple stains that were accumulated over the years by the previous owners, so i decided to add my own little simple flare.

Yoga Mat

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Next to my door is my desk. I have my MacBook, statue, candle, salt lamp, and my five minute journal. I try to write in my five minute journal every morning to set my intentions and gratitude for the day.

Buddha Statue (similar)|Eucalyptus Mint Candle|Salt Lamp|The Five Minute Journal

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Next to my desk I have this poster to remind me to share my happiness with others. I got this poster from a poster sale at school.


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Next to my bed I have these 3 floating shelves from Walmart decorated with crystals and quotes.

Air Freshener|Face Planter|Floating Shelves

I got my “only god can turn a mess into a message” block from Tjmaxx and I couldn’t find it on their website but you can get a similar one, here. I got the mountains block art from a local art show as well as the crystals. Their store website is :

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Moon mirror is from five below, Urban has one for $40 more!
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Next to my bed is a little side table and is one of my favorite places to decorate.

Pineapple Diffuser|Lavender Vanilla Candle|Lavender Essential Oil|Rise and Shine Bitches! |Golden Flower Vase is from TjMaxx

My diffuser and oils are a key for me in order to fall asleep. My diffuser also changes colors and lasts my entire night’s sleep. I got the ‘Rise and Shine Bitches’ sign at a local art show as well and think it is a funny and entertaining way to get myself up in the morning by looking over next to my bed.

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my bedside table filled with all my books and keepsakes

Stress Relief Spray|Rose Water and Ivy Candle|Bedside table-in my family for years

If you guys have any questions about the books here please leave a comment below!

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My bed is my favorite part of my room and my favorite place to wind down at the end of the day. The black and white theme calms me and gives me all the zen I need.

Bed Spread|Moon Tapestry

This bed set is the comfiest and only costs like $20 from target. Urban outfitters has this exact same tapestry for $40 more.

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JFK Smoking Poster|Kissing on VJ Day Poster|Beloved Poster: A new artist I discovered through Redbubble, Frank Moth, is amazing.|White Clock-Walmart

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My mirror came with the room but similar ones are available at Walmart! My Marilyn Monroe drawing was purchased at an art show and I cannot find a link to the shop. And on my bed there, is nigel the sloth.

Most of my items are from Tjmaxx or local art shows. i encourage everyone to shop local and support the community and artists around you. I’m really pleased with how my room turned out and it didn’t cost as much as i thought it would! shopping at places like tj maxx, five below, and even the dollar store offers great decor for cheap prices. most of the items i used to decorate my room were $20 or less. your room should be your safe place and a place to free your anxieties. organizing and expressing myself through designing my own space really helped me through my anxious times. as for the salt lamp, essential oils, and crystals, i truly believe they have helped me mentally and physically. the positive ions given off by the salt lamp, whether it be true or not, give me a feeling of happiness and clarity. meditating with my crystals brings me clarity as well.

Get creative and do it affordably!

As always, any questions or comments can be left below.