the tea: on blue light glasses

Photo on 3-13-19 at 9.33 PM.jpgthe tea on blue light glasses . do they work ?!

This has been a VERY requested post on the blog so I decided to dive into it.

I had heard about blue light glasses from multiple instagram influencers and commercials and really didn’t believe the whole “hype”. I have suffered from migraines since high school and looking at a computer screen and my phone screen has caused insane strain on my eyes and multiple headaches.

I had tried everything to fix my migraines. Sumatriptan, no coffee, coffee, physical therapy, etc. Things seemed to help temporarily but I still had constant migraines, especially in the hospital during clinical rotations.

So, I decided to give blue light glasses a try.

But what is blue light?

Now that you have a little more education on what blue light is, the glasses work to block out the light coming through from your tablet, computer, etc. The lights have a tinted frame that makes everything yellow when you wear them.

Photo on 1-18-19 at 4.57 PM.jpg

You can kind of see the yellow hue in this picture here.

“Bue light glasses are designed to filter out 55 percent of the 474-475 range of blue light that is emitted from digital devices. Blue light blocking glasses are effective at blocking out harmful light. Some blue light is necessary for our health because it helps keep us alert and aware during daylight hours.”


Blue light also forces our body to stay awake. So, when you are on your phone or computer late at night the blue light is convincing your body that you should be staying awake and makes it a lot harder to fall asleep. Exposure to blue light has been proven to reduce melatonin production at night.

Sleep was a major difference I saw in the effects of blue light glasses. I had such trouble falling asleep in general and would be on my computer into the late night for school, youtube, etc. Once I started wearing these glasses, I found myself able to fall asleep a lot easier.

Not only do I wear my blue light glasses at night on my computer, I also wear them in the hospital. The bright lights in the hospital caused intense eye strain and were a major trigger for my migraines and had even caused me to go home sick with a crippling aura filled migraine. Not to mention frustrating, but embarrassing.

I have been wearing my blue light glasses for a little over 2 months and have noticed an insane difference. I can fall asleep easier and quicker, I haven’t had light-induced migraines, my eyes don’t feel strained and I am able to get through an entire shift of clinical.

Whether it be the technology of blue light blocking or a placebo, I don’t care. These things have worked WONDERS for me and I will continue to wear them until they break.

The best part is I literally got them on amazon for $16, and they’re cute. IMG_8077.jpg

If you are interested in my blue light glasses you can find them here.

If you guys have any questions or want the “tea” on another specific product be sure to let me know via email or in the comments below.

As always, have a fabulous day.




travel diaries: allegheny state park

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So, I have been on winter break for almost a month and a half now. Unfortunately, since the break started I have been on two antibiotics and been a very sick girl! My best friend decided to drag me out of bed and force me on a road trip to see some of the beauty this world has to offer.

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So we set off in the winter weather for a couple hour drive to go up to Allegheny State Park.

For it being January, the weather was pretty nice. It was still chilly, but the drive down was absolutely beautiful and I wore a dress. Good thing for a sick girl to do, right?!

Anyway, Sara drove and I controlled the music. It was her playlist, but I controlled the aux so it counts right?

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The park was absolutely beautiful and even though we didn’t have the winter snow or the fall leaves, it was still a sight to see. I loved sitting there and breathing the fresh air in and listening to the literal silence that was surrounding us. Living in a busy suburb with constant noise you never realize what actual silence is until you’re in a place like this.

We walked around for a couple hours frantically looking for bears and then later realizing that they are in hibernation, it is winter.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

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We took some pictures, did some minimal hiking, and then realized it was far too cold! We ventured past the road closed sign and did most of our exploring because thats what rebellious 20 year olds do these days. 

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset


Although this trip was short lived, it was one of my favorites. Sara forced me out of bed and out into the fresh air for just a couple hours and I instantly felt my spirits lift. I highly recommend to get outside and put down your phone for a couple hours (unless it is golden hour and you take these cute pics). Go out of your comfort zone and say yes to days when you feel like staying in bed. It made a fun memory and it cleared my head so much.

One of my goals for this new year is to take footage of my little adventures and get back into creating videos. I used to do this with every trip I went on, but was embarrassed to post them anywhere and ultimately stopped doing so. I decided to make a video for this little trip of ours to inspire me to do more of it.

Heres a link to my little video if you are interested in watching.

(the stabilization on my GoPro is all wack, so I apologize for the little shakiness)

As always, do things that are good for your mental health! Do things that make you HAPPY. It is OKAY to take a day off of being productive and do things that make you spark inside.

To Sara, thank you for being the one who has been there for me during my ups and downs of my mental health and my life in general, you are my soulmate and best friend.

Do something for YOU today.



You can go to the gym, drink your water, and take your vitamins, but if you don’t deal with the shit going on in your heart and head you’re still going to be unhealthy

Year of YES: Spinning

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetSo I decided to try something crazy. This year I’m gonna say yes to things.

INSANE right?

For me, yes.

I have always been the type of person to say no or make an excuse for not doing something. I have found that I experience major FOMO when I do so, and regret not saying yes to the thing I said no to. So in 2019 (we’ll see how long this lasts) I’m gonna say YES.

My first year of YES came before 2019, but we’ll still count it.

Today, I decided to try spinning.

I have always wanted to try spinning, cycling, biking, whatever you want to call it, but never got my butt to do it. So, when I got asked to do a free class at 830 am. Yes, 8 30 in the morning. That is like 4 hours before my usual wake up time, I said YES.

I was really nervous to get in there for the first time, but the instructor was so welcoming and I didn’t feel judged or embarrassed like I do at most gyms when I don’t know what the heck I am doing.

This class was a slower pace, but do not let that fool you, it was FAST. My instructor played amazing music that was current and cycling to the beat of the music was advised. It was so hard to catch a rhythm the first time because I am so uncoordinated and musically challenged. Once I caught the rhythm, it was so much fun.

Spinning is so much exercise without feeling like you are doing a lot of exercise. I didn’t find myself being fatigued or tired once my body got used to it and the 55 minutes we spun, went so fast. I am currently sick so I was nauseous during it, but I don’t think that would happen otherwise! I was sweating up a storm, which is ironic because when I walked in I was complaining about how cold it was. The only thing I didn’t like was that on the screen all of our percentages were visible for everyone to see. I felt slightly insecure because I wasn’t keeping up with people who had been doing this for a while, but the instructor told me I did really well for my first time. She told me I didn’t have to go as hard as I did, but my competitive nature would not allow any less.

Overall, I loved the experience and could see myself doing it again. I want to wait until I have enough stable money to get a membership, but we have spinning bikes at school that are for free. This workout used my arms, legs, and core to intensity. I am sure I will be feeling this tomorrow and will regret the decision of going, but for now (20 min after) I feel incredible.

So, here is to my year of saying YES, and I encourage all of you to do the same.



Buy or Bust : Concentrated Naturals Bath Bombs

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So I decided to add a section to the blog with the coming new year. “Buy or Bust” is a little harsh of a section, but it is catchy. In this new section I will be buying or trying out things that I have received from myself or from other people.

First up: Concentrated Naturals Bath Bomb Gift Set

This gift set I received as a Christmas present and got super excited about it. It contains 12 bath bombs with names that seem to suit sensitive skin. “shea butter”, “lavender”, “sea salt”, I assumed that these were the only ingredients in these things, but boy was I wrong.

A little background on myself is that I have suffered with eczema since I was little and have not had it in a very, very long time. For some reason I like to continue to test things on my skin to see if I’ll have a flare up! Needless to say, I have very sensitive skin.

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The packaging of the bath bombs is super cute but for only reading the sticker on the bath bomb, and not the ingredients, I was very mislead. I chose to experiment with the least harmful one, lavender.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I decided that I, myself, wanted to have a “Cozy Night”, so I popped this in my bathtub.

I have had severe allergic reactions to all of Lush’s products, including their especially “sensitive skin” made bath bombs, so I was a little excited for this. I assumed it would be natural due to the name, and soft on my skin.

The initial bomb was a pretty pink color and smelled more like rose than lavender.

IMG_3617Excuse my beautiful nursing student manicure and try to focus on the bath bomb itself.

I dropped the bath bomb into the tub and alas, my first disappointment. It was not fizzy and really just “plopped” in there. I had to break it up with my foot and I really missed out on the cool fizzing video I was preparing to take for some #content.

I want to make it readily open that I did in fact process this picture with a VSCO preset to match the “aesthetic”, and it was in fact not this No fizz, unfortunately.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

To spice things up and for my own satisfaction, I added some baby shampoo to add some bubbles, because like I said; no fizz.

Ah, now that is more aesthetically pleasing wouldn’t you say?

Unfortunately, to my disappointment, I did not have myself a Cozy Night with this bath bomb. I began itching extremely aggressively and began spiraling down the Lush bath bomb path in severe disappointment.

DISCLAIMER: the box does CLEARLY state that there have been reactions to people using with sensitive skin, but I, for some reason, choose to stay positive in these situations knowing what will happen to me.

So folks, unfortunately, I will be sticking to Dove Soap baths and things without any ingredients in them. I broke out in red rashes and hives and my eyes started to swell. I do not blame the company for this because they clearly gave me a disclaimer I refused to follow, but I am disappointed.

The misleading packaging had me thinking that this was a natural approach to bath bombs and I was really mislead.

Now that that is over, I’m going to take a Benadryl and hope my eyes stop swelling.

This product has been ruled as a : BUST.

(ouch i feel so mean saying this, nothing personal concentrated naturals 😦 )