About Me

28795787_1534809743302316_3167261697711277215_n Hi guys! My name is Gabby. My parent’s must have known what my personality would be like because I am true to my name; Excessively annoying and talkative. I always have something to say! I began blogging due to my passion for writing. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember and writing has always been an outlet of mine. I figured I’d take to the internet and share my passions with you guys! I mainly focus on lifestyle, and mental health posts, but I tend to write whatever comes to mind. I am a big advocate for mental health awareness and the stigma behind it all. I am currently a nursing student and plan on going into the psychiatric or oncology field. I am quite the nerd when it comes to studying, school, and all things Pinterest. I love reading and learning new things. Education is a big passion of mine and I am so excited to get my RN and see where life takes me! Blogging is a way I deal with my anxiety issues and calms me down. I love to share my tips and tricks for slowing yourself down and dealing with the games your mind constantly plays on you. I’m learning each and everyday to love the life I’ve been given and make the most out of every situation and I hope to teach you all how to do the same!

Follow my journey, I’d love to be apart of yours!